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Ridiculously Effective Montessori Grammar Activities


Grammar is fun! Montessori Grammar is even better! Inside you’ll find awesome Montessori Grammar activities the kids are sure to love.

My six-year-old continues to be interested in parts of speech. Most recently he is set on coming up with as many homophones as possible. The activity is not only fun but he works hard to test various word pairs, then uses the words in a sentence. English is a tough language to learn. Homophones are just one example!

Montessori Grammar Pinterest

To help my son out, I created homophone cards using real images. He enjoyed matching up the cards. That part was quite simple for him. I encouraged him to write out the words. He took it a step beyond writing the words by illustrating the words. Here are a few materials I’ve created to help my children with learning Parts of Speech.

Montessori Grammar Bundle

The materials I have created so far are in this bundle in my SHOP and in Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Montessori Grammar Activity: Noun Sorting

I like this noun sorting exercise because you can prepare the work for a wide age range. My 4.5-year-old really enjoyed this work and added his own flare to it by seeking out objects to also sort into Person, Place, and Thing.

My 6-year-old appreciated and understood the fact that a noun is what grounds the sentence, it is the meat of the sentence. Seeking out nouns around our home (“Going on a Noun Hunt” as my boys called it) was equally as fun for them.

Who knew learning Parts of Speech could be so entertaining to them? I used these Noun Sorting Cards available in my TPT store and my SHOP.

Montessori Grammar Activity: Preposition


Kids have so much fun with prepositions. I personally love this Part of Speech because you can get bodies moving and be creative! These preposition cards are simple and can be used with props to help children really understand the lesson. Check out the full lesson in this grammar post.

Montessori Grammar Activity: Article, Adjective, Noun Cards

Grammar Phrase Cards

My son enjoyed matching these grammar cards to the images. The next stop is adding a verb and having him create the grammar symbol pattern to match the phrases. I created these grammar phrase cards with a nature theme.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.