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The Power of Positive Communication with Kids


Positive communication and positive thinking are powerful. There is no doubt about that fact.

Not complaining actually has science supporting the positive impact it has on your body. I have to work hard at positive communication, in general, not only with my kids but also with my husband. I have always been a glass half full the of gal. I wish that fact were different but alas I am working with I got, folks.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Positive Communication

I am prone to negative thinking, yes, but I work hard to be positive. For me, I have to work every day at being positive. Through metacognition (I’m a huge fan of these Complaint Free World bracelets) I’ll be able to lead a more positive life.

As a parent, I feel strongly about Positive Discipline and Positive Communication. I am being completely serious when I tell you that I print out words and phrases to help remind me of what to say in the moment.

Consider these printouts a prompt. I figure after some time and practice, these positive words and phrases will become ingrained in my brain. Positive communication will become second nature to me. I am happy to report that this approach is working for me!

Power of Positive Communication

Positive Communication Ideas Parents Need to Try

  • Use words like “encouraged” and “happy”- “I feel very encouraged when you help your classmate.”
  • “I support your words.”
  • “Use your walking feet” instead of “Don’t run.”
  • “Please be careful with my body” instead of “Don’t hurt me.”
  • Use ‘I’ like “I feel happy when you help me. Please ask me again sometime.”
  • I also really like to respond to kids in this way to make the situation less of a battle: “I can’t let you hit your brother,” instead of “Don’t hit your brother!”
  • For every “negative” make sure to accompany it with a three positives
  • When giving feedback, use the sandwich approach
  • Speak to a child as you would speak to an adult

Helen Keller Quote

Positive communication is one way of integrating Montessori at Home. There is a myriad of other ways to bring the Montessori method into your home!

Let me know how it goes!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.