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5 of the BEST Earth Day Books for Preschoolers


In this post, I am thrilled to share my favorite earth day books for preschoolers!  Do you celebrate Earth Day? Wondering where to start? Books are great teaching tools, especially for big topics like Earth Day.

There are many unique ways to celebrate earth day with kids! An Earth Day celebration is ripe for learning. Plus kids are fascinated with science and the universe. There are amazing preschool books that help kids learn all about our earth! 

Preschool Books – Earth Day

This quote from John Muir sums that curiosity up nicely:

“When one tug at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

As we began our journey, I curated and vetted a short list of high-quality children’s books that will begin this learning. Subsequently, I’d like to share that list with you.

5 of the BEST Earth Day Books for Preschoolers

I introduced these books to my son when he was 3. He definitely enjoyed these earth day children’s books, especially the illustrations. So don’t be afraid to introduce them earlier. Simply talk about what is going on in the illustrations and ask questions about the illustrations.  

Earth Day Books for Preschoolers

Gabby & Grandma Go Green – An Earth Day Book for Preschoolers

Earth Day Books for Preschoolers

Gabby and Grandma Go Green by Monica Wellington is an adorable story of a little girl who spends the day with her grandmother. I love the message the story sends about the value of relationships with grandparents. The sweet and cheerful illustrations accompany an easy-to-read story about Gabby’s experiences completing “green” projects with her grandma such as sewing reusable cloth bags (the main project), recycling bottles at the supermarket, buying locally, and borrowing books from the library.

They also picnic at the park when Gabby speaks one of my favorite pieces of advice, “‘I wish I could feed the ducks,’ says Gabby. But she knows the ducks have their own pond food to eat.” An endearing story bound to “plant seeds” in your child’s mind about how he can help our environment. The author leaves us with plenty of green tips and, for the really crafty, directions on sewing our own cloth bag.

Sofia’s Dream – An Earth Day Book for Preschoolers

Earth Day Books for Preschoolers

Sofia’s Dream is a beautifully written (by Land Wilson) and illustrated (by Sue Cornelison) book about a “thoughtful girl” named Sophia and her relationship with the moon, “her giant pearl”. The story is written in a melodic rhyme and draws both adults and children into Sophia’s journey to understand the moon’s “gloomy face”.

The moon explains to a very worried Sophia that “his closest relative”, Mother Earth, is in trouble but there are things she and the people in her life can do to help make Mother Earth happy again. A very inspiring tale for adults and children. My son is 3 years old and, especially as we venture into the spring season, has absorbed the lessons of this story more than I could have thought possible. 

What Does It Mean to Be Green? – An Earth Day Book for Preschoolers

What Does It Mean to Be Green?

What Does It Mean to Be Green? by Rana DiOrio and illustrated by Chris Blair is a great teaching tool for children. The idea of “being green” is explained by asking a series of questions. Examples include “Does it mean feeling sick in the car?” and “Does it mean looking like a frog?”

Then moves into the true meaning of “being green” with answers like, “…drawing on two sides of your paper instead of just one…” and “…turning off the water while you brush your teeth…”. The author writes so that the children can relate the message of the book to their everyday lives. With the adorable and colorful illustrations, this book is a clear winner this Earth Day.

The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction. -Rachel Carson

Compost! – An Earth Day Book for Preschoolers

Compost Children's Book

Compost – A lovely illustrated book telling the story of a little girl explaining how her family makes soil from waste using their compost bin. As we move through the book, she adds various items, such as grass clippings, to the compost bin. This simple approach educates children AND adults on what goes into the bin.

Then she walks us through watering the compost, turning the compost and the warmth of the decomposing material. The end of the book provides additional learning for adults and children. A great book introducing the concepts of recycling and composting.

The Earth Book – An Earth Day Book for Preschoolers

The Earth Book by Todd Parr

The Earth Book is very effective at teaching children everyday ways they can help the Earth. Plus, the illustrations are colorful and fun, sure to draw a child’s interest and keep it. Furthermore, the book is written in first person narrative. In other words, it gives a child’s point of view introducing how he can take care of the Earth.

Layered into the book is gratitude. For example, phrases such as “I take the school bus and ride my bike because I love the stars…” pepper the pages. This book is simple but powerful. Your child will learn basic everyday actions that will make our Earth a happier and healthy place.

Looking for more? Check out these Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers!

I hope you find fun ways to learn about the earth with your kids. In conclusion, understanding how to take care of the earth is one of the most important lessons in life.

As always, thank you so much for visiting, and happy reading!

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