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All You Need to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids


This post includes Earth Day Activities for Kids! Yes, I know I am a bit obsessed with, well, the earth and earth day activities for kids, but really, is that so bad? 

At this point in the year, all of us here is Seattle crave the sunshine. I am not opposed to any one season but I do love the sun and the blossoms. Plus I love Earth Day. There is so much learning to be had for children and us adults.

We get to be outdoors and we get to get dirty! What is not to love? Earth Day is a lovely time to celebrate the environment and to celebrate spending time outdoors. Activities are for kids and for families. That is the best part.


What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an annual event that occurs on April 22 every year. The first Earth Day occurred in 1970 pioneered by a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson.

The year before Mr. Nelson observed a terrible oil spill in California and decided we needed a movement focused on the environment. Today the focus of Earth Day is on clean energy and global warming.

To learn more about the history of Earth Day visit The Earth Day Network.

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Here are a few favorite activities for children we’ve done over the past few years.

worm tower

Make a Worm Tower

This activity is simple to do and kids love the idea of making a home for worms!


Make A Magic Seed Star

This earth day craft is indeed magical. We chose a star but feel free to use any shape you’d like for the activity. The star works well for this Earth Day activity because of its points in order to place the seeds on the tips.

Planting the magic seed star can be quite a ceremony. Then the magic begins when the magic seed star begins to sprout!


Make as Easy DIY Planter

Similar to the magic seed star, kids love this earth day activity. Kids get their hands dirty and create something tangible to observe over time.

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Earth Day Play Date

This post includes tons of crafts and activities for kids.

Earth Day Activity for Kids - Pencil Stamp Earth

Preschool Pencil Stamp Art – The Earth

Earth Day Activity - Earth Day Themed Bath

Earth Day Sensory: The Bath

Seed to Plant

How A Seed Grows

This post outlines a super important lesson using one of my favorite books called How a Seed Grows. Kids learn the path from seed to plant, a powerful lesson.

Earth Day Activity for Kids - Crystal Earth

Earth Day Crystal

This activity is a keeper and actually really easy to make happen.

Earth Day Activities for Kids - Earth Day Sensory Tub

Earth Day Sensory Tub

Earth Day Activity - Simple Fine Motor Skills Recycled Materials

Simple Activity Using Recycled Materials

Earth Day Recycling Activity Sorting

Introducing Earth Day: Recycling Activity

Egg Carton Earth Day Craft

Egg Carton Challenge: The Earth

Earth Day Gross Motor Activity

Earth Ping Pong – Earth Day Activity

Earth Day Books for Kids - Children's Books About Spring

Children’s Books Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day Activity for Preschoolers - Color Hunt

“We’re Going on Color Hunt”

Earth Day Activity - Spring Sensory Tub

Spring Garden Sensory Tub

Letter E Preschool Earth Day Activity

Letter E Earth Day Theme Activity

earth day art activity

Earth Day Art 

Well, that gives you a great start on crafts, sensory and outdoor play using plenty of easy and inexpensive materials. Thank you for choosing to read this post today.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.