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The Only Parenting Tip You Need – Sleeping Tips for Babies


I have a mind blowing, life changing sleeping tip for babies to pass along to you. You see, I read a lot. Therefore, I gather lots of parenting ideas that I absolutely have to pass on to you. I consider it my mission in my blogging life and feel particularly determined about this piece of sleeping advice.

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If you have to choose one piece of sleep advice for kids (and for parents!), this is the only tip you need for a child not sleeping. It’ll save you. Please don’t get me wrong: I am not arguing that sleep should not be a priority. I get it. Sleep is important. We can’t argue that point. Check out all the

{Check out all the sleep training books available on Amazon. Holy smokes.}

Here is another coveted secret: I am not a perfect parent.  


Far from it.

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I work hard, though, every day, and accept the fact that this parenting gig is not an easy journey. Practice and discipline drive me to be a better parent every single day.


Sleeping Tips for Babies & Parents

I have three sons with my oldest just about to turn ten. I have seen a lot of what the infant, toddler, and preschooler experience has to offer from toilet training to parenting an angry child.

{Read my parenting mantras along the way.}

There are many days when uncertainty weighs heavy but there are more days when I feel confident and I have conviction about what I need to do for my kids today so that they will be strong, capable, kind people tomorrow.

Sleeping Tips for Babies

I would not share this piece of advice with you if it has not given my family more sleep, more restful nights, more productive days, and MOST IMPORTANTLY more social and emotional well-being in our home.


Sleeping Tip

Mind Blowing Sleeping Tip

Sleep is one of those things. I fought it. Experts delivered their advice and moved forward with what I thought we were supposed to do.

I regret every second of it.

I suppose, though, that had I not taken that journey, then I would not end up here revealing my biggest piece of sleep advice to you.

Remember, I am just a parent and a teacher who reads a lot and practices a lot on ways to be the best parent I can be. I am not an “expert”. I don’t have an advanced degree in psychology or child development.

My Latest Videos

That is why this advice is so critical.

Are you ready?

Here is it…

Well, wait, first, we need a bit of humor. Have you seen this Youtube video on parenting? Hilarious. Do yourself a favor. Watch it. Then watch it one more time just for kicks.

Choose not to be anxious. 

Many “experts” (e.g. RIE, Cry It Out, Ferber Method) will disagree with me.

Here is the thing: all these experts speak to the typically developing average child. If you’re in it, barely surviving, unable to get space in your life for you and your partner. If reading and trying various sleeping approaches has stressed you out, exhausted you, and doesn’t feel right, then listen to me…again.

How Many Hours of Sleep Do Kids Need

You have to let certain stresses go, accept their power over you, and then throw them out the window. You have to embrace the fact that sometimes, just maybe, going with what feels right to YOU as a parent is the BEST approach for you.

Maybe that is the problem with all these various parenting approaches: there is no one size fits all parenting style. 

Allow the child to be who he needs to be, honor it, and breathe within that space knowing you’re doing the best for your child.

Sleeping 101

What does it mean to “choose not to be anxious”?

In short, to use a cliche, it means to go with the flow.

It means to let your child sleep with you in his bed or your bed or his sibling’s bed. As long as he is getting sleep, feels safe, and is happy, don’t think one moment longer about it.

Listen to your heart. Don’t get buried with guilt that you’re ruining your child. Know that you love, respect, care for, and know what is best for YOUR child. Then move on.

Our Sleep Story

We chose not to be anxious about sleep shortly after the birth of my second child. Everyone was sleep deprived and that fact alone was hurting our life.

We took naps together. All of us.

We read until we all fell asleep in the evening.

If one of my sons woke up crying in the middle of the night, I didn’t hesitate for one moment. I picked him up, held him, and snuggled up to his warm body. Most nights we all sleep together.

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Sleeping Tips for Babies

We all slept peacefully.

Do I wish there were evenings and days when we had a different path?


Still, I embrace the path that we’re on and accept the things I can control and those things that I cannot control.

You choose. You have the power to choose. Own it.

I choose to sleep.


Check out this amazing sleeping tips for babies eBook if you’re ready to take the leap to simplify your life with kids!

Which will you choose?

What keeps you up at night?

Choose those things you can control.

What can you let go to bring happiness?

Sleep Aids for Kids


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