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Star Wars Math


One of my latest realizations about homeschooling is that being flexible and following my children’s interests instead of my own agenda – with specific, traditional Montessori lessons, for example, is key to our success.

So, with that acceptance, I took a step back, put my ego on the back burner, and observed my boys, which is why I’ve chosen to embrace Star Wars. I hope you enjoy these Montessori-inspired activities with a Star Wars theme. We’re kicking off our learning with Star Wars Math.

Star Wars Math

Star Wars Math

Light Saber Addition



  • Print out an outline of Darth Vader’s mask from online
  • Cut out three outlines from black paper & laminate
  • Introduce the activity to the child with him sitting to your left
  • Place a piece of felt in front of you with the three Darth Vader masks on the felt
  • You or the child roll die
  • Ask the chid to gather the number of light sabers that matches the roll & to place the light sabers onto the first Darth Vader mask
  • Place the addition or subtraction sign after the first mask explaining that you’re adding or subtracting and what that means
  • Roll the die again & gather light sabers to match the next addend
  • Then add  (or subtract) light sabers to get the total amount
  • Have the child physically place the two piles of light sabers together (or take from the left addend) following the equals sign
  • Then have the child count for the answer
Star Wars Addition


  • Use other objects
  • Practice other math operations
  • Count total lightsabers
  • Sort lightsabers by color
  • Skip counting
  • Introduce place value to match Montessori color coding

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Have fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.