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Story Telling Pop Out Book


Kids love telling stories! So, let’s figure out a way to make that story telling happen always and forever? Parents are an integral part of story telling with kids.

This story telling activity is perfect for a wide age range of kids. Kids get to illustrate and write their first book! Plus you really only need Post-It notes.

How cool is that?

Great for elementary aged kids learning how to piece together the parts of a story.

Spectacular for younger children whose imaginations are running wild with picture stories and characters but don’t have the writing skills yet.

Story Telling Activity for Preschoolers through Elementary

story telling

Kids can add words to their story or simply leave the plot to unfold in pictures. There are so much room for creativity with this language activity for kids.

That is why kids adore it so much. There is no right way to do the activity. Let the kids’ imagination go.

We did this activity in a simple way.

story telling activity

Story Telling Materials

  • Small square boxes
  • Computer paper or even post it notes work well
  • Scissors to cut the paper in half
  • Glue or tape to tape the paper together
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Story Telling How To

  • Cut the computer paper in half
  • Fold the halves
  • Tape together the paper to make a long story book
  • Have the child create scene by scene with drawings and words
  • Tape into box
  • Close box
  • Open & the story should pop out!

Hope you enjoyed this activity!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.