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Easy Valentine’s Gifts for Teachers & Friends


Valentine’s Day is a great time of year to show appreciation for all of the amazing teachers in our lives. There are so many ways to express thankfulness and gratitude, from heartfelt words to sentimental gifts, and everything in between.

If you’re looking for the perfect present this February 14th, why not consider getting your child’s favorite teacher’s Valentine’s gift that shows how much they mean?

From DIY treats to more traditional presents, there are lots of creative ideas—so let’s check out some fun options that both kids and their teachers will love!

It is not too late to get a bit festive for Valentine’s Day. I adore this day as a celebration of compassion and friendship. I wanted to bring a bit of that flavor and energy into my family’s life. I

didn’t do anything crazy crafty, nor did I spend lots of money on our Valentine’s Gifts for teachers and friends. Check out below to see what we did for our Valentine’s Gifts for Teachers & Friends.

heart shaped rock

Valentine’s Gifts For Teachers

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, parents might be looking for the perfect gift to show their child’s appreciation for their teacher. Amidst the plethora of chocolates and decorated cookies, parents can consider personalizing a small gift for their teacher as an expression of love and respect.

A unique thank you card with a photo or memory of your child with them could make for a special token. Taking up some of the teacher’s duties like grading papers or even making breakfast before school can also be a generous gesture.

At the end of the day, it is never too long before parents and kids come up with an equally meaningful present from the heart that teachers would truly appreciate!

10 Ideas for Valentines’ Day Teacher Gifts

#1 – Heartfelt Card or Note

Write a message on the card expressing your gratitude to the teacher for their hard work and dedication. Make sure to include a few reasons why they have made an impact on you or your child’s life and tell them how much you appreciate them as an educator.

#2 – Personalized Mug

Fill a mug with goodies such as chocolates, cookies, or other treats that the teacher enjoys. The mug can be customized with a heartfelt message or a photo of your child and the teacher together.

#3 – Ornamental Tabletop Paperweight

engraved with your child’s name, grade level, and school year; will make a lovely keepsake for the teacher’s desk.

#4 – Personal Gift Certificate

This gift certificate is to spoil the teacher! Think of a day of pampering at the spa; this is sure to help relieve stress for any hardworking educator! Gift cards to local coffee shops or restaurants; sometimes coffee is needed during hectic days at school!

#5 – Arts & Supplies Basket

Put together an arts and crafts basket full of supplies such as markers, paintbrushes, glue sticks, glitter, construction paper, etc., which are always useful in any classroom environment!

#6 – Journal or Planner

A journal or planner specifically designed for busy teachers to help organize thoughts and ideas throughout their workday.

#7 – Framed Photo

A framed photograph of your child with the teacher along with a handwritten note thanking them for all that they do; make sure to include details about why they have made such an impact in your life or your child’s life!

#8 – DIY Mini Aromatherapy Pillow

Observing kids sewing has to be one of the coolest experiences as a teacher or a parent. Watching their fingers work those fine motor skills while they actually create something right before their eyes. This pillow sewing activity is just one of many DIY-friendly Montessori Activities! 

#9 – Emergency Snack Kit

An “Emergency Snack Kit” filled with snacks that can easily be grabbed during quick breaks between classes or after-school activities; something like granola bars, trail mix, nuts & fruit will always come in handy!

#10 – Special Pen Set

special pen set that can be used while grading papers or writing lesson plans – it doesn’t have to be expensive but it should look nice enough to display proudly on their desk!

Homemade Valentine’s Gift for Teachers

valentine gifts for teachers

This teacher’s Valentine’s gift is super simple. All you need is a mason jar, a printer to print a free printable, scissors, and chocolate to fill the mason jar.

I added pink card stock to the name tag and mixed red glitter with mod podge for a fun coating for the mason jar.

Neither of those touches is at all necessary. Here is the original Valentine’s Teacher Gift post from Lil’ Mrs. Tori.

Valentine’s Gifts For Friends

valentine gifts for teachers & friends

I found this awesome idea and free printable on, yup, Pinterest. The original Valentine’s Day post can be found on SwellChel, a wonderful blog I encourage all of you to check out.

Again, super simple. I ordered the Small Cellophane Treat Bags from Amazon, printed the free printable at the library for – ah-hem – free, cut out the labels with craft scissors, backed the labels with red card stock and a glue stick (not necessary at all), ordered the Mini Dinosaurs from Safari, and stapled the bags to the label.

Pretty simple even for this not-so-crafty lady. Trust me. You can do this project tonight. Easy. Get your children involved in the process. My 4.5-year-old loves the glue stick and the stapler.

That is that. Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate love and compassion with your family and friends!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.