St. Patrick’s Day – Making Green

What better occasion to play with colors than on St. Patrick’s Day, a day celebrated around the world and not just in Ireland? I happen to be Irish so the holiday ties right into many aspects of family life and learning.

There are a few legends around the official color of the holiday, one being that the official color was once blue. Green makes sense for a lot of reasons. It is the color of the shamrock, for example, and represents the lush landscape of the “emerald isle”, a name for which Ireland is known.

So, today’s activity is quite simple: Making the color green. In this activity we work on sensory (colors), basic concepts (colors), practical life (pouring) and fine motor skills (using a syringe).

Start with a tray and three jars. Two jars filled part way with water and a third jar either empty or with a little water.

Grab yellow and blue food coloring or paint to add color to the jars with water. My 2.5 year old helped me color the water in these jars.

Then I showed him the syringe and how to use it. Syringes are a tough fine motor skill to grasp at this young an age.

Begin by having your child take a little water from the blue colored water.

Then a little water from the yellow jar.

My little guy got a little impatient with the syringe so he ended up picking up the jars and pouring the water, which I totally expected.

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