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Can Learning Physics Be Fun? Find Out with This DIY Magnetic Car Experiment


Building a magnetic car is a great way to teach your kids about the basic principles of physics. It’s also a fun project that you can do together.

What’s more fun than spending a sunny afternoon building something with your kids? How about building a magnetic car that drives?

Not only is this project a ton of fun, but it also teaches your little ones some basic science principles. So gather up some supplies, and let’s get started!

Kids love learning about magnetism! Building a magnetic car is simple and packs a big punch with science learning.

Plus, the children have a great time! Magnets? Cars? Sign me up!

This post includes steps on how to build a magnetic car.

How to Build a Magnetic Car with Kids

What is Magnetism in Simple Terms?

Magnetism is “a physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, resulting in attractive and repulsive forces between objects.”

How to Build a Magnetic Car with Your Kids Still

How a Magnet Works:

  1. A magnet has two ends called poles, a north pole or north-seeking pole and a south pole or south-seeking pole.
  2. The north pole of one magnet attracts the south pole of a second magnet, while the north pole of one magnet repels the other magnet’s north pole.
    • So we have the common saying: like poles repel, unlike poles attract.
  3. A magnet creates an invisible area of magnetism called a magnetic field.
  4. The north pole of a magnet points roughly toward Earth’s north pole and vice-versa. That’s because Earth itself contains magnetic materials and behaves like a gigantic magnet.
  5. Cutting a bar magnet in half is a bit like cutting an earthworm in half! You get two new, smaller magnets, each with its north and south pole.
    • (This is, of course, a joke. You don’t get two worms if you cut a worm in half. But you do get two magnets.)
  6. If you run a magnet a few times over an unmagnetized piece of a magnetic material (such as an iron nail), you can also convert it into a magnet.
How to Build a Magnetic Car with Your Kids Still

Materials Needed for Magnetic Car

  • Two magnets (you can use two bar magnets, or in our case, we used a round magnet and a magnetic wand)
  • Small box
  • Straw or Dowel
  • Clay
  • Tape
  • Toothpicks (not needed if you use a wooden dowel)
  • Wheels (we used lego wheels, but you can use cardstock cut into circles, too)

How to Make a Magnetic Car

  • Tape a magnet inside the small box
  • Cut the straw or the dowel into two pieces to match the size of the box
  • Tape down to the outside of the box
  • If you are using cardstock to create the wheels, cut out four circles at this point, then push the toothpicks through the straw and attach the cardstock wheels onto the ends.
  • We used lego wheels, so we attached the wheels to the dowel
  • Place the car onto a flat surface and use your second magnet to pull and push the car
How to Build a Magnetic Car with Your Kids Still

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.