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Learn How to Teach History to Any Child with these Fantastic Resources


Teach history to a 3-year-old? Yes! Guess what? It is not about dates and historical figures. History activities for kids are engaging and loads of fun. This post includes awesome activities & resource ideas to begin teaching your 3-year-old history.

Montessori History lessons for kids emphasize duration and passage of time works. For example, telling time is part of Montessori’s history area.

Time is such an abstract, non-tangible idea even to us adults. Imagine what it is like for children who developmentally cannot even comprehend a second versus a decade. Montessori history speaks to the duration and passage of time in the early childhood classroom.

teach history to your 3-year-old

Teach History to a 3-Year-Old with These Montessori Activities

  1. Use an old-fashioned egg timer or hourglass to distinguish the duration of one minute. Once the child masters one minute, you can introduce him to 2-5 minute timers.
  2. Use a large analog clock. Have the child observe the long second hand of the clock as it goes around and moves forward one spot. Try to use a clock that has a tick tick tick and a louder sound when it clicks over to the next minute.
  3. Introduce First Time Lines where a child sorts images of people of varying ages into order. Another idea is to create a Timeline of the Day activity. Kids crave routine and this activity feeds into that desire.
  4. Create a Family Tree with images or drawings.
  5. Use a linear calendar along the wall to record days, weather, special occasions, and school holidays.
  6. Introduce a standard wall calendar to the child. Involve the child in identifying the day of the week and managing the calendar generally. Make sure to name the days of the week, the month, the season, and the year each day.
  7. Bring Montessori’s birthday celebration into the classroom, introducing the fact that it takes the earth one year to go around the sun.
  8. Introduce seasons and months with pictures representing the four seasons and twelve months of the year. Connect weather to the seasons to make learning more concrete. This book list about seasons is a good one if you need a few ideas.
  9. Create an All About Me book or a personal TimeLine. A perfect time to do this activity is at birthday time when the child brings in photos from when he was in his mom’s belly onward.
  10. Using a non-digital clock, tell time by the hour and then by the half-hour. Eventually, the child will get to equating the number of seconds in a minute, the number of minutes in an hour, and so on.  When you get to that point, this telling time activity really brings the point home.

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What are some of your favorite ways to teach history to children?

Thanks for joining me!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.