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3 Rock Star Ideas – Meditation for Kids


Meditation is a powerful life tool. Meditation can be taught to children at a young age. Children are ripe for instilling this activity into their daily existence. The post includes Ideas to help with Mediation for Kids to ponder as you consider ways to integrate more conscious living into your family or classroom’s life.

Meditation for Kids

At the end of each day, I am trying to take time to reflect on the day. Honestly, life moves so fast, simply sitting and trying to recall the happenings of the day is useful in itself.

However, if I can get beyond that point and be proactive about how to better myself, or embrace those parts of the day that particularly went well, well, life is good.

Meditation for Kids

This week my family is attending a Nature Immersion camp on Vashon Island. The director, Erin Kenny, is phenomenal. She runs a variety of programs that includes educator training, forest kindergarten, and a myriad of summer camps, not the least of which is this Family Camp. I highly recommend Cedarsong Nature School if you’re in the need for a bit of inspiration.

Meditation to Teach Mindfulness to Kids

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” Thích Nhất Hạnh

The first day was filled with all sorts of defining moments. I thought I’d share a bit of what I experienced and learned today.

Meditation for Kids

Defining Appreciation

Ask your child what he appreciates about himself. As adults, how do we think about “appreciation”? I “appreciate” all that life has to offer, and the life that I’ve created together with my husband. However, thinking about what I appreciate about myself is something I don’t do often.

For example, for me, I appreciate the time I afforded myself to come back to myself, if that makes sense, to evolve after having children. The risk of making changes in life. The courage it takes to change “something” when life doesn’t feel in sync. Take time to reflect on “appreciation”.

Attention Looping

A beautiful and simple meditation exercise that you can easily bring into your home or classroom, particularly when a child is in a challenging state. Children are ripe for this meditation. Sit and focus on something in your environment. If you’re outdoors, perhaps a branch, a bird’s song, a smell, for example.

After a moment (you decide how long that “moment” is), switch your attention back to yourself, your body, your spirit, whatever it may be.

Continue switching or “looping” your attention. As parents we believe being present is being all there for our children. Really, being present is about being available to your children but also being available to yourself.

No Toys

My boys spent all day outside in the forest surrounded by tall cedar trees, huckleberry bushes, Madrona leaves, the sounds of birds, and nibbling on berries as they explored the outdoor classroom. They created a “campfire”, told stories, created a family sitting spot, sang songs, had an outdoor nature hunt, and created music. There were no props. No books. Only nature and our spirits.

The energy and the contentment of all of us adults and children were extraordinary. Bring in nature has got to be the best form of meditation. The ability to move through a day without props or plans is difficult to do.

Having the faith and conviction to move through a day is equally as challenging, especially committing yourself to be outdoors for most of the day.

So, take the leap. Go outside with no agenda Trust me, it will take you to a place of contentment so that you can move through the next day with more clarity and conviction.

More Meditation for Kids Ideas

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.