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A Step By Step Guide – How to Easily Integrate Montessori at Home Like a Pro

I discovered Montessori when I began researching school options for my oldest son. It was an article about Dr. Maria Montessori. I remember the moment, sitting at my laptop as my son napped one overcast afternoon.

I realized immediately that Dr. Montessori’s philosophy is exactly how I was raised by my mother. The Montessori theory more than resonated with me. It made sense to me. It seemed second nature to me. Getting certified seemed a natural next move. Soon I began a Montessori training program and applied the Montessori method in our home. 

Montessori ideals make children more engaged and inquisitive while also encouraging a lifetime love of learning without making them feel forced to learn.

Why Montessori?

Through the Montessorian Method, children acquire the traits of:

  • Responsibility
  • Self Regulation
  • Initiative
  • Independence
  • Confidence
Montessori at Home in the Kitchen

Using the Montessori principles in your home and daily life works wonders on promoting challenging, self-paced, and joyful learning! Plus there are the added benefits of an independent and confident child who leads his own development. How powerful is that?

Montessori Principles

These posts give you a bit of big picture 101 on the Montessori method.

Montessori Parenting

These posts offer a perspective on parenting with a Montessori overlay.

Montessori Environment

One of the most critical components of applying the Montessori method is preparing the environment. These posts should at the very least begin to guide the preparation of your Montessori environment.

Montessori at Home My Story

As you continue on this Montessori journey, remind yourself to be patient. Changing behavior and integrating a different philosophy on how you’re going to manage your home and be a family will take time.

Frustration will present itself but you will also have triumphant moments. Celebrate and honor those moments, as fleeting or as defining as they may be.

Interested in learning more? Click here to learn more about the Montessori curriculum!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.