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Montessori Lesson: Learn about Golden Beads


The overview of Montessori golden beads continues the child down the path of learning place value and the decimal system. The goal for the child is to garner a sense of quantities represented in the decimal system, and to see the exchange of quantities as units become ten, tens become hundred, and so on.  This lesson is generally for 5 years and older.

How to present Montessori golden beads

Montessori Golden Beads Presentation I

Transition from Bead to Wooden Material

Golden Beads - Montessori Math

Introducing the wooden material very simply transitions the child from bead to wooden material.

Golden Beads - Montessori Math

Montessori Golden Beads Presentation II

Explain to the child that this work requires two mats. Have the child help spread the mats. Get the container of the units and begin to count them.

Place the units in a well-spaced vertical line at the right side of the mat.

Put one unit at the top: “one unit”.

Then two units next in line: “one, two units”.

Place three units next in line: “one, two, three units”.

The child takes over at this point.

Golden Bead Lesson - Montessori Math

At nine units explain, “You have nine units. What comes next? Yes, ten. So we need a ten bar instead of ten units. We also move to a new place.”

Get out the ten bars and start a vertical row to the left of the units. Proceed in a similar manner to presenting the units.

Golden Bead Lesson - Montessori Math

After the 9th set of ten bars, “Now, you’ve lined up nine ten bars, what do you need next? Right, hundreds. Where will you put the hundreds. That is right. We have to put them in a new place.”

Have the child bring the hundred squares. Lay out the hundred squares in a vertical row. Introduce in a similar manner as the units and the tens.

Golden Bead Lesson - Montessori Math

After nine hundreds, ask the child what comes next and where it goes. Ask her to bring thousand cubes over to the mat.

Introduce the thousand cubes in a similar manner to the units, the tens and the hundreds. The cubes are stacked on top of one another. Once all the cubes are stacked, invite the child to stand at the bottom

Golden Bead Lesson Variations

  • Question the child about the place values as he admires the finished work
  • Ask the child to point out various quantities on the mat
  • Have the child “teach” another child from the classroom
  • Child can place quantities “randomly” or two at a time rather than all the units at once

Golden Bead Extensions

  • Draw or color a sketch of the layout
  • A child can recreate using other objects

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I’d love to see how you present Montessori golden beads in the classroom or at home. Come by the Carrots Are Orange Facebook page to share your presentations.

Thanks for reading!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.