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20+ Outdoor Activities for Kids


Is it possible to achieve school readiness in a 100% outdoor classroom? Can you meet Kindergarten “standards” by being outdoors learning all day? The answer is astounding, “YES!”  To prove it, this post includes Outdoor educational activities for preschoolers. This list includes the ultimate list of kids’ outdoor games that Mother Nature has to offer.

My sons and I recently attended Cedarsong’s Family Nature Immersion Camp. This nature school is extraordinary. There are no props. There are no desks. There are no planned activities.

20+ Outdoor Activities for Kids

There aren’t even any books. Every experience and all learning is done from within yourself, your “classmates”, and the forest. The experience was life-defining for me.

I find myself longing to be back in the outdoor classroom. My sons were happy. The children were content. There was so much learning.

Forest Kindergarten Pinterest

Entering a classroom whether in your home, in a school, or in the outdoors without a strict schedule of activities takes a lot of courage for us adults. Not having a plan is scary even without children!

So, I thought I would share a few of the outdoor activities we did over the course of the camp. I also included ideas inspired by the experience in Cedarsong’s Outdoor Classroom.

A Child Playing Outdoors in the Mnud

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

#1 – Storytelling

Telling stories from our imaginations feeds a child’s creativity. It also works pre-reading skills such as sequencing events or parts of a story. You can challenge children to think about the main characters and plat, for example, to encourage reading comprehension skills.

#2 – Acting

Especially improvisational, acting helps build confidence and self-esteem in children. Public speaking is hardly easy for anyone. Encouraging this skill early in life is a predictor of success. Find a spot for your Forest Theater.

#3 – Nature Walks

This outdoor activity alone add to your child’s arsenal of vocabulary. Describe what you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste. Discuss names of plants, or add those plants and animals you’re wondering about without answers to a wonderful list to research later.

#4 – Categorize

Categorizing is a fantastic pre-reading activity. The child must be able to focus and to hold interest. A child will work on critical thinking, which helps reading comprehension skills.

Categorize groups of objects (living/non-living, stems/leaves, big/small, etc) you find outdoors. Play What Does Not Belong? and the What’s Missing? game.

#5 – Sorting

Sort objects based on visual, baric, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile senses.

#6 – Create Patterns

Patterning works pre-math and pre-reading skills. Gather items from nature and create patterns. Challenge the child to fill in the blank of a pattern, or create his own pattern.

#7 – Prepare Tea

Tea making is a great activity for kids to learn the work cycle, care of the environment, basic food prep, and grace & courtesy. Collect leaves and berries, crumple them up, and create hot or cold tea for your family or classroom.

A child weaving outdoors

#8 – Natural Weaving

Branch & Leaf Weaving is creative, great for fine motor work, and gives the child a lesson in engineering: what materials work best and why?

#9 – Create Art

Land Art is creative and cultural. Take a bit of time to learn about the history of this extraordinary art form and share it with children as you create together.

#10 – Learn about Native Plants

Discussing native plants and why they may adopt to the environment is a great way to incorporate biome studies.

Dream Catchers Made from Natural Materials Hanging in the Forest

#11 – Creat a Dream Catcher

Creating a Dream Catcher from twigs, stems, and leaves is fun for children. Add some yarn into the project. Discuss why some materials hold better than others. Talk about the Native American culture and the significance of the dream catcher.

#12 – Build a Fern Crown

Fern Crowns are perfect for the “leader”, for theater, and fine motor skills.

#13 – Have a Parade

Musical Parades with songs and objects creating various sounds as you move along. Why does one tree sound different from another when you hit it? Can we come up with a song using lines that rhyme with “tree”?

#14 – Nature Scavenger Hunt

A Nature Scavenger Hunt ignites all the senses. Plus kids love seeking out objects.

#15 – Build a Leaf Rocket

Leave rockets are similar to Straw Rockets. Use a rolled-up leaf for the straw and a stick or nutshell for the nose. Voila!

#16 – Make Cone People

Cone people are adorable and leave lots of room for creativity. Grab a cone on the ground, a few small twigs, a leave or two, and maybe even moss.  My son made R2-D2.

#17 – Invent a Mandala

Mandala from sticks, flowers, and leaves. Check out this website for ideas on Nature Mandalas.

Outdoor Mud Kitchen in a Forest Kindergarten

#18 – Build, Play, & Work in a Mid Kitchen

A Mud Kitchen launches children in ways you will never expect to see. The imagination, the cooking, the dining, the washing, the baking, and the serving of all things “kitchen” will astound you.

#19 – Paint with Clay

Clay & Mud Painting is as easy as it comes. Simply add water, throw in a natural brush or even a real one, and paint leaves, paper, trees, or your bodies.

#20 – Make a Pyramid

Twig Pyramids are simple. Gather sticks of all shapes and sizes. Then build your structure. Talk about what sticks you may need for the base and why, and so on. Great activity for budding engineers!

Outdoor Classroom Wand Twig House

#21 – Build a Wand

Wands made from a sturdy stick and various leaves, stems, and branches make for loads of imaginative fun and creativity.

#22 – Find a Natural Trampoline

Balance or Bouncy Logs are nature’s playground. Work those fine motor and spatial skills while having loads of fun.

#23 – Identify & Curate a Personal Sitting Spot

Sitting spots can be located throughout an outdoor area. Have the child choose his special spot for sharing with friends or quiet meditation by himself.

#24 – Play Outdoor Games

This post includes fun and easy outdoor game ideas for kids! 

Want more outdoor learning for kids?

Resources from this Post

Have fun!

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