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The BEST Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum & Resources


As the summer months inch closer and closer, I find myself beginning to romanticize about next year’s homeschool learning. Yes, romanticizing, I admit, is not really effective. So, I lock my feet back into the ground. I have to pull the reigns back a bit, think high level, and be careful not to go too deep into rabbit holes.

Now that I am researching second-grade homeschool curriculums and resources, I thought I would share my favorite findings with you. 

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Even as we develop into a more seasoned 2nd-grade homeschool family with more dedicated slots of learning time throughout the day and week, I leave plenty of room to allow my sons’ to lead their own learning. That requires me to be flexible and to be prepared with a plethora of ideas and resources. 

Our homeschool certainly has a plan but we use our plan as a guiding document. Nothing is set in stone and learning is certainly not linear. So, I aim to outline themes with wide parameters filling “content buckets” with resources tucked into my back pocket. 

One note, my 2nd grader likes to move his body, have fun (imagine that?), play games while learning and refuses to sit down with a pile of worksheets. So, that is my goal. 

Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum & Resources

2nd Grade Math & Logic

Art of Problem Solving

Beast Academy online learning, Beast Academy workbooks, and LIVE online classes. 

Royal Fireworks Press

Royal Fireworks offers a variety of high-quality and unique curriculum for homeschool students and families. They tout their offerings are for the gifted and talented for what that is worth to you. The curriculum is well done.

I appreciate the wide variety of offerings that most kids wouldn’t get in a traditional school setting. For example, topics such as philosophy as well as Latin but also standard topics within science, math, and language arts offered in a slightly different way than typically experienced. 

Royal Fireworks also offers a ton of FREE homeschool resources and downloads of which I definitely take advantage.


We use Dreambox as a way to stay on top of “typical” learning stages and core curriculum. Dreambox does a good job entertaining the kids by making math fun. 

Kahn Academy

Kahn offers instruction in succinct teaching videos, course challenges, and practice questions. We use this program to stay on track of learning and to review topics. I suspect as we get into middle school and high school, I will utilize the instructional videos more. 

Prodigy Math

My sons adore Prodigy Math. This program does a fantastic job of engaging kids and tracking progress through quests. There are dragons and wizards, oh my! Using this program, albeit still online and in front of a screen, gives us a break when the power struggles get in the way. 

Perplexors Workbooks

Ahh! We love these books. So fun to figure out these puzzles. My boys don’t even realize they’re working their brain muscles. 

Mr. N 365

An engaging resource to practice skills. A great supplement to classroom learning.  


Once again Brain Pop delivers short and sweet video lessons plus additional learning. Brain Pop also provides excellent support to teachers and homeschooling parents. 

2nd Grade Language Arts


I cannot say enough about this resource. Guided readings plus ways to encourage kids to write no matter which developmental stage. 

Lexia Core 5

I have to admit my son is not the biggest fan of Lexia but I am! I appreciate Lexia Core because it allows me to make certain my son is tracking with core standards. I don’t rely on this resource for deep learning but I do rely on it for understanding where my kids are relative to peers. 

The Thinking Kid

A fun out-of-the-box resource for language arts. The Thinking Kid takes a holistic approach to learning. For example, when reading Little Pear, the teacher integrates cultural and geographical content. 

Handwriting without Tears

I hesitated on this resource but with my 7-year-old struggling with handwriting – more that he didn’t want to do it than anything – I opted to order materials. I also took a course to help with engaging my son in handwriting. I am on a mission to avoid power struggles and make handwriting fun and inviting! 

Other Language Arts Resources for Second Grade:

2nd grade homeschool curriculum

2nd Grade History

In addition to the resources below, check out the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History and 

History Quest

I adore this 2nd-grade curriculum. It’s all laid out for you and the kids. They provide superior support and guidance. Step by step, day by day, week by week to get through the curriculum in an engaging and thoughtful way.

In addition, the Hops are super fun! Kids love them! 

History Unboxed

I jumped on this monthly subscription. Maybe a bit too soon for my first grader but I am pumped to jump into the American History boxes for our second-grade year. 

Thomas Jefferson Education offers a ton of cool courses for homeschoolers and kids. We enjoy This Week in History.

Kids Discover

This resource is HUGE. We particularly enjoy the learning hubs of  American History and World History.

2nd grade homeschool curriculum

2nd Grade Geography

Womple Studios Subscription

WompleBox is more than a geography kit for kids. It goes beyond simply teaching kids about geography. The boxes teach about world culture – the people, the food, the history, and much more. There is science, cuisine, nature, and art learning, too.


Royal Fireworks Press is our Latin learning go-to for ages 6 on up!  We’re going to use the book series with Learning Latin with Frances R. Spielhagen as well as dipping our toes into roots with The Word Within the Word. You can find some of these materials used on Amazon.

Social Studies

2nd Grade Science

Generation Genius

Learning videos, lesson plans, assessments, hands-on activities, and more. My son will watch science video after science video. We love this website.

Foreign Language

Current Events

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