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Easy & Inexpensive Teacher Christmas Gifts [2022]


Are you looking for some easy and inexpensive teacher Christmas gifts? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of ideas that are sure to make your child’s teacher happy.

From gift cards to homemade treats, we’ve got you covered. So don’t stress about finding the perfect gift – just use one of our ideas!

My mom taught 7th graders for almost four decades, so I grew up with a tremendous amount of appreciation for my teachers. Your kids’ teachers deserve the same! The holidays are right around the corner.

This post includes many teacher Christmas gifts (but really for any point of the year to show appreciation to the teachers in your life)!

Customized hand sanitizer and custom masks are the PERFECT gifts for teachers. COVID is the gift that keeps on giving.

More specifically, this list covers the gifts school teachers really want (by letting them choose!), inexpensive teacher appreciation gifts, and even gifts for male teachers.

Teacher Christmas Gifts

We owe a lot to the teachers in our lives. I don’t simply mean teachers behind classroom walls but all the teachers that have taken to walk some part of our life’s journey with us, teaching us, guiding us, mentoring us

Take a moment to think about those teachers – preschool teachers, elementary school teachers, middle school teachers, high school teachers, and beyond – who have impacted your story.

Then come back to thinking about what to “gift” a teacher this holiday season. Make it meaningful. No regrets.

Teacher quote

Teacher Christmas Gifts

How Much to Spend on Teacher Gift?

This question is a tough one and hardly reflects on your appreciation for the teacher or the sentiment. Furthermore, at the risk of sounding like my mother, the value of a gift is often not in the dollar amount but in the thought behind it.

With that said, my son’s school has a $50 limit, which is undoubtedly significant. In the end, though, it is worth repeating that the value does not reflect on the dollar spent but on time & thought spent.

There are oodles of inexpensive teacher gifts – DIY & otherwise!

Last Minute Teacher Gifts 

There are times during the year when time seems to have a hold of me. I cannot admit to forgetting teacher gifts, but I can admit to losing track of time, especially during the holiday season.

Suddenly on the eve of December 16th, with one week left of school before holiday vacation, I am sitting here thinking about gifts for my son’s Montessori teachers that don’t involve a Starbucks gift card (guilty, and that is okay.

So, in order to help mitigate that panic state, I found a few gift ideas that might just interest some of you.

These teacher gifts are aimed to be super simple, thoughtful, relatively inexpensive, and easy to put together. Include your children in the gift-making and gift-giving process. They will get a ton from experience.

teacher christmas gift ideas

Teacher Christmas Gifts 

  1. Homemade Pot Pourri
  2. DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit: Just Add Ice Cream
  3. Hot Cocoa Mix in a Mug or Jar
  4. Share a Family Recipe on a Handwritten Recipe Card with Food (e.g., Make “Grandma’s Cowboy Cookies” & Supply the Recipe)
  5. Interview your child about his teacher, print out, laminate and deliver in a frame
  6. Tea Wreath
  7. Customized Hand Sanitizer
  8. Donation in the teacher’s name
  9. Crayon Monogram
  10. Customized Face Mask
  11. A Personal, Thoughtful Letter or Card of Appreciation from the Parents
Teacher working with a child

DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

A few years ago, I asked a group of teachers for holiday gift ideas. I asked specifically what kinds of gifts they enjoy receiving from their students.

Hands down, respondents told me their favorite teacher appreciation gifts are heartfelt sentiments, a personal or handmade gift from the child, a letter from the child, and so on.

Teacher Appreciation 

So, I went ahead and brainstormed teacher holiday gifts with my sons (mainly around which Lego set their teachers might enjoy…haha!).

We crafted a three-part teacher holiday gift which included:

  1. A personal note from my son however, they wish to write or draw it
  2. Simple homemade hot cocoa mix in a mason jar
  3. A DIY ornament
DIY Teacher Holiday Gift Ornament

The latter part of this teacher holiday gift idea is particularly significant because the whole family will love making ornaments together.

This super simple holiday gift is perfect for your child’s teacher, friends, neighbors, and family tree.

DIY Teacher Holiday Gift Ornament Materials

DIY Holiday Teacher Gift
  • A work tray
  • 2×2 Mini Canvases
  • Permanent Fabric Markers or paint pens
  • Drying rack or tray
  • Twine and Glue Gun (or a strong adhesive to secure the twine onto the canvas, or choose to use hardware to create a hook for hanging)
Teacher Holiday Gift Ornament

Approach to Making the DIY Ornament

  • Gather your materials
  • Invite the child to his work tray
  • Introduce the concept and the materials
  • Let him decorate however he chooses to do so
  • Allow time to dry
  • Warm up your glue gun
  • Cut your twine
  • Place one end of the twine on one side of the canvas and glue
  • Repeat with the other side
  • Allow time to dry
  • Write a message or name and date on the back
  • Lay in a box on top of tissue paper with a handwritten note or drawing from your child
teacher gift ideas

Teacher Gift Card Ideas

Amazon Gift Card

The online superstore gives all of us a chance to research and buy practically anything you can possibly imagine. In this case, a teacher can shop for her classroom, herself, her family, or her home.

JoAnn Fabric & Craft Store

I guarantee that every teacher in America shops at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. I will go further to say that he or she will greatly appreciate any amount of funds going towards their expenses.


Going to the big screen is a treat these days! Spoil your child’s teacher with a fun afternoon or evening at the movie theater, popcorn and all.

Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a great place to catch up on email and to grab a quick soup and sandwich. Panera Bread offers comfort food at its best!

Spa Finder

You may know your child’s teacher well enough to know that he or she loves self-care but rarely takes the time or money to do it.  Spa Finder is wonderful because spas all around the country sign up and you can redeem the card in the spot of your choice!

Montessori Services

Every Montessori teacher I know typically shells out hundreds of dollars at several points of the school year for their classroom and their students. A gift card for a craft or supplies shop is always welcomed!!


Does your child’s teacher have a special pet in his life? Everyone loves to spoil their pets! PetCo has everything one might need to care for a variety of pets in one’s life!

Coffee Shop Gift Card 

Okay, I admit I did go for the Starbucks gift card a few years back. Honestly, I felt terrible about it but at the end of the day, who doesn’t like a fancy coffee or tea drink?

Montessori Inspired Printables

You can grab a gift card for that teacher in your mind and allow them to refresh or to build classroom materials.

teacher Christmas Gift ideas

Other Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

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