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12 Super Fun & Absolutely Easy Zoology Activities for Kids


Kids love zoology activities. You, too? That is fantastic!  Let me guess. This post contains loads of science activities for kids within zoology. Kids love animals and love to learn about animals even animals like slugs!

You have a young child in your life hungry for more…more books, more painting, more science, more learning…

One of the coolest parts about being a parent and teacher is that we get to learn alongside our children.

Do you want to know another cool thing?

Zoology Activities Feature

‘In working with your child, remember that he possesses the capabilities; it is your job to arouse them.’
~ Elizabeth Hainstock

Kids are curious by nature. Our biggest obstacle, then, is to help the child hang onto this curiosity.

How can we ignite a child’s desire to want to learn more?

Science Activities for Kids – Zoology

12 Super Fun & Absolutely Easy Zoology Activities for Kids

Zoology Activities for Kids

I have a few ideas. One idea is to simply keep learning hands-on. Young children crave concrete learning. Satisfy that craving by bringing in big topics, being hands-on, and getting outside (yes, the outdoors is the easiest path to igniting a child’s sense of awe and wonder).

Don’t underestimate a child’s love of learning and the ability to explore more complicated, wondrous topics.

Zoology Activities

One learning area is life science. Young kids get their hands dirty with botany and zoology activities informally early on in life. So, how can we continue this life science learning?

It is your lucky day.

I have a few zoology activities up my sleeve (ok, really, they are available below) that your kids will adore. Not only will you will the affection of your child and ignite the desire to want to learn more, but these versatile zoology activities also give the opportunity to create variations and extensions!

Happy learning!

Zoology Activities Pinterest

Science Activities for Preschoolers – Zoology

Learn Why Slugs Rule the School
Slugs are actually a useful part of our ecosystem. When slugs began invading our garden, I was determined to learn something about these little creatures with the hope that through education, we would learn to appreciate slugs.

The Wonders of Invertebrates and Vertebrates
Do you want to know something overwhelming? Talking to kids about big words like “invertebrates” and “vertebrates”. Sure we can fumble our way through a conversation about backbones but are we really equipped with the knowledge? This post gives you ideas and information on how to talk to kids about this topic.

The Perfect First Zoology Activity for Preschoolers – Living & Non-Living
Where do you start educating kids (and ourselves) on such an immense topic? Break it down. Begin simply. This post outlines the first step to introducing life science to kids.

More Zoology Activities for Kids

Montessori Lifecycle Activities – the Frog
We’re fortunate to have a small pond on our property where Pacific Tree frogs lay eggs every March. We harvest and observe these eggs for learning.  This post includes supplemental zoology activities to learn about the life cycle of the frog.

Animal Science Activity
Super cool science right at your fingertips. How do walruses stay warm? Blubber! Test this concept with this zoology activity!

Why Do Cats Eyes Glow?
Another gem! Have you ever wondered why cats eyes glow? They do glow, you know. This zoology activity brings science into your child’s hands (and eyes!).

Learn about the Eye
The eye is an amazing piece of the body. How does it all work? Check out this post for wonderful zoology activities about the eye.

Sea Turtle Unit
Loads of ideas to study the sea creatures that have most of us in awe! Did you know that sea turtles find their way back to the same beach on which they were born to lay their eggs?

Exploring Spider Webs
Spiders are cool! Check out this post for loads of ideas to study spiders’ anatomy, their behavior, and their habitats.

Montessori Inspired Bear Unit
We have black bears in our neighborhood. So, rather than be afraid of them, we decided to learn about bears and how we can co-exist with them.

Learn about Animals in Winter
Some animals migrate, some hibernate, and some adapt during colder and darker months. Why? How? This post helps answer those questions!

Preschool Unit on Ants
Learn about ants and their fascinating behavior and strength in this post! Ants, like spiders and slugs, are the first to get “stomped” on but these tiny creatures play an important role in our ecosystem.

Be Sure to Download this FREE Non-Living/Living Sorting Printable!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.