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Science Experiments for Kids – Air Science Activities for Preschoolers


Looking for a fun way to teach your preschooler about air? Check out these science experiments that will help them learn about invisible gas! These activities are educational and exciting; your child will be a blast learning about air. So don’t wait – give these experiments a try today!

Check out these air science activities for preschoolers!

Air science is so cool!

Air exists, right?

We can’t see it, but we know it exists, right?

Good news! I have simple experiments with kids that demonstrate that air exists! Introduce the concept of air with easy science for kids. Teaching preschoolers that the earth is made of land, water, and air is an optimal starting point.

Air Science for Preschoolers

Easy Science for Kids

Explaining that air exists is an abstract idea. So the concept is challenging for kids who learn in concrete ways for the first several years of their life. We can’t see air, but we know it exists and takes up space. So how do we show that to preschoolers? Check out these experiments for preschoolers!

Introducing Air Science Activities for Preschoolers

Begin with an Introduction to the Earth Lesson using our Cross-Section Earth Model. A follow-up book to read is Air Is All Around You. The book engages kids, gets them thinking, and presents a few easy science activities for preschoolers.

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Easy Science for Kids

Preschool science is the BEST. Kids love working with these fantastic yet basic concepts; there is nothing like watching their eyes light up as they discover and understand something new about science.  Here are simple ways to show that air exists and needs space even though we can’t see it:

  • Blow Bubbles with a Straw or your Mouth
  • Watch the Clouds Move through the Sky & Study the Clouds
  • Blow Up a Balloon
  • Wave your Arm to Feel the Air
  • Leave a Glass of Water Out and See What Happens Over Time as the Air Escapes (bubbles in the water and on the glass)
  • Stuff a Paper Towel in a Glass so that it won’t fall out when you turn it upside down. Your child will have fun scrunching and stuffing the paper towel.
  • Fill a bowl with water using a small pitcher to get your child more involved (plus pouring is a great fine motor activity). We dropped some liquid watercolor into the water to make it clear to the eye when the air escaped, and the water entered the cup. Turn the glass upside down, and put it in the water. Air takes up space, so the water does not come into the glass. Tip the glass a bit, and water enters the glass and absorbs into the paper towel.

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Science Experiments with Kids - Air

Resources Used in this Air Science Activities for Preschoolers

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