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DIY Puzzles Kids LOVE


Simple DIY puzzles for kids with a little Valentine theme. Why not throw a little love into your child’s learning with these easy to put together puzzles?

Heart DIY Puzzles Materials

Simple DIY Puzzles

I picked up cardboard hearts at Michaels on sale last spring after Valentine’s Day. Best sales right after the ‘holiday’.

Honestly, I had visions of creating sight word puzzles but this project took a turn based on what I found in my supply closet and then, best of all, how excited my boys were to piece together my ‘prototype’ of these easy DIY Puzzles!

DIY PUZZLES for Valentine's Day

Safari (you know, the company that makes those super cool figurines?) sends us a beautiful catalog every few months or so. The catalog is nicely photographed and there were images that fit these hearts perfectly. You can order one for your own purposes on their website.


So, I chose a few animals I thought would draw my sons into the activity and cut these images out of the catalog. I used a glue stick to paste the image onto the heart. Then I covered the heart with contact paper to make it a bit more sturdy. Finally, I cut the hearts into four or five pieces.


I placed the puzzles pieces in an open container in my sons space. I waited for them to discover the puzzles.

My sons dug into the activity. I thought putting the heart pieces together would be too easy but there was a challenge that I did not expect.

The boys put the puzzles together and ran to find the matching figurines.  The puzzles challenged them. They even asked for more.

Thanks for much for letting me into your day! I hope we inspired you even in some small way.


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Warmly, Marnie & her boys

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.