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Not to Be Missed Engineering Books for Kids


Learn four amazing engineering books for kids. Yes! Introduce kids to the power of creating and inventing with these science books.

Engineering Books

Engineering for Kids – Where to Start

I continue coming back to Project Based Learning where children imagine, build, and create in their learning.

The most basic way to think about this type of learning is to think about basic survival skills.
Are you self-sufficient?
Would you know how to orient yourself if found yourself lost in the wilderness?
Would you know what plants to eat?
Would you know how to build a shelter?
I am not suggesting that our children need these tangible skills to survive and to be successful. I
I want my children to imagine the possibilities and run with those possibilities.

Engineering Books for Kids

engineering books

[click_to_tweet tweet=”“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.” ― Dr. Maria Montessori” quote=”“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.” ― Dr. Maria Montessori”]

Imagination quote Montessori

When my children read about Iggy Peckengineering books for kids they recognize the possibilities of nurturing skills that foster imagination, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Books are a great way to begin this journey for children. Books can ignite a desire to learn and to want more from an idea.

Here are books to get you started on your path! These books are not so much learning how to build a house. Instead, these books discuss what it means to imagine, create and believe in yourself.

Books for Budding Engineers

engineering books for kids

Incredible Inventionsengineering books for kids

A book of poems that is truly one to own. The theme is that creativity, the ideas and the people who invent them, comes in all shapes and sizes. Children will become inspired and will want to learn more.

The illustrations draw them into the book and the poems are fun. The publisher recommends ages 4 to 8 but the book goes beyond that age for books for kids

Rosie Revere, Engineerengineering books for kids

A popular favorite among parents and children. This book highlights a young girl who dreams up and creates inventions for her friends and family. There are many solid messages in this book.

First, the main character is a girl. Yup, girls can build and invent too. Next, the focus is on imagination and creation. Finally, there is a lesson that failure is not only okay but necessary to truly succeed with your ideas.

engineering books for kidsIggy Peck, Architectengineering books for kids

Yes, another Andrea Beaty book! Iggy Peck, Architectengineering books for kids came before Rosie Revere, Engineerengineering books for kids and highlights the beginning of greatness for Ms. Beaty. The main character in this book is Iggy Peck. His journey begins at two years old as he builds a tower from glue and diapers (some of which are discovered to be dirty!).

Children love this story and David Roberts’ illustrations. Iggy’s talent is not supported by his teacher until that is, Iggy comes to the rescue and creates a plan involving his classmates to save his teacher from being stuck on a small island on a field trip.

From that point on, Iggy is free to grow and develop his extraordinary talent. My boys were so inspired by this book that they have wanted to build bridges even day since reading it from straws, cardboard and everyday materials around our home. Their desire to learn was certainly ignited by this book.

Plus every bridge we see now inevitably comes with questions:

“Is that a suspension bridge, mama?”

“What type of bridge is that?”

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engineering books for kidsengineering books for kids
engineering books for kidsThe Day the Crayons Quitengineering books for kids

A book to simply makes you smile. This clever approach to solving a problem is wonderful and inspiring to all of us. The book is likely to provoke questions about emotions as the book aligns emotions with colors (e.g. Peach = Embarrassed).

Children need all the opportunity they can get to explore, to identify and to discuss emotions. So, I was happy this book helps to accomplish emotional intelligence learning.

Other Engineering Books We Love

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Do you have a favorite inventing children’s book? Please share!


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