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Simple Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers Using a Whisk


One thing I love about early childhood practical life is that the lessons are abundant and at the tips of your fingers around the home. Fine motor activities at an early age help develop hand-eye coordination, hand strength, and small muscle strength. For these reasons we love playdough, using pipe cleaners, and sensory play.

Fine Motor Activities for Kids

One recent practical life activity – whisking – is so simple and fun, yet completely relevant to practical life and fine motor skills child development.

A child whisking

The best part? You can accomplish this whisking activity indoors or outdoors. For the first time, we used a water table in our backyard. {I know, I cheated a bit but throw me a bone, I am working with a two-year-old BOY.}

Fine Motor Activities for Kids

Easy Fine Motor Skill Activity

If you do this activity indoors, just make sure you have plenty of towels under your bowl and ready to clean up. My two-year-old loves to splash, dump, and pour water so I figured we should start outdoors. {The last comment for some sympathy!}

Toddler Fine Motor Activity – Whisking

What you need is simple:

  1. A small whisk
  2. Dishwashing soap or bubble solution (even bubble bath)
  3. A medium-sized bowl (or a water table)
  4. A towel to place under the bowl and for general wiping up
  5. Water

Practical Life Activity for a Toddler


*Prepare this activity with your toddler so he/she understands what is going into the activity. Plus by including him or her in prepping the activity, you can talk about the next steps.

  1. Place a towel under your bowl
  2. Add the soap to the water.
  3. Ask your toddler to pick up the whisk.
  4. Show him or her how to hold the whisk and describe what the tool is used for in the kitchen.
  5. Then show him how to use the whisk by turning your wrist in the air. I used my own, larger whisk to demonstrate.
  6. As your child(ren) whisk the water and to their utter amazement, the whisking will create bubbles. This cause and effect aspect will be fun for him or her and will drill the exercise into his or her memory of the experience.

Next time I am planning to move up in the world of whisking by using a medium-sized glass bowl, I promise. As always (ha!), plan for a bit of a wet mess. That’s okay, though, right? After all, my boy is learning!

Happy playing!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.