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Kindness Crafts for Preschoolers Your Kids Will Love


Why is teaching kindness so important? Furthermore, is it even possible to teach kindness to kids? Honestly, I believe that most children are born with an innate kindness. After all, Dr. Montessori did often refer to kids as the ultimate peacemakers.

I find that doing activities with kids allows the opportunity to have conversations about the big things in life. Kids seem to open up. So, my goal is that these kindness crafts for preschoolers will do just that!

Kindness Crafts & Activities for Kids

“Within the child lies the fate of the future.”  ~ Maria Montessori

Kindness Crafts for Preschoolers

I scoured this internet to identify the best kindness crafts for your kids. I am in love with these activities and I hope you are, too!

Kindness Crafts for Preschoolers - Kindness Flowers

Kindness Flower

This kindness activity is incredibly thoughtful and timely for the spring.

Friendship Rocks Craft

Kindness Rocks

Easy, hands on activity that kids will not only love preparing but they will also love placing around the outdoor environment.

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Printable Postcards - Craft for Kids

Kindness Elves Postcards

Adorable, hands on activity for kids that integrates not only the concept of kindness but fine motor practice!

Kindness Notes - Activity for Kids

Secret Love Notes

It doesn’t get much cuter than secret love notes. Sign me up.

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Kindness Rocks - Crafts for Kids

Kindness Rocks to Spread Happiness

Another adorable activity to spread kindness. These kindness rocks require writing practice and a bit of creative art.

Rainbow Craft for Preschoolers

Kindness Rainbow Crafts

This set of activities involve rainbows and are adorable. You won’t regret them for a minute.

Gratitude Stones - Craft for Kids

Gratitude Stones

These stones are perfect to teach kids about kindness. The activity is intentional and thought provoking involving art and movement.

Acts of Kindness for Kids

Kindness Elves & Hearts

Seriously? How adorable are these hearts? I simply love this post and all the activities & ideas behind it.

Make a Friendship Quilt with Kids

Ways to Celebrate Friendship with Kids

I love the idea behind this post. The author outlines several ways to celebrate friendship with kids.

Teaching Kindness to Kids

Make a Kindness Jar

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.