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Create a Beautiful Montessori Bedroom with Floor Bed & More


The Montessori method of teaching and parenting encourages self-care, early autonomy, and natural curiosity. You can incorporate its principles into almost any situation within the home. The Montessori bedroom is a key part of that environment. This post will go over the Montessori floor bed for babies and toddlers.

Montessori bedroom feature

Montessori at Home: The Montessori Bedroom

  • Lose the crib. Place a mattress directly on the bedroom floor to allow and encourage safe exploration and freedom of movement. Without the confinement of a crib, your children can come and go as desired, which often results in less crying and more restful sleep. Respect the child’s ability to put himself to sleep.
  • Make all furniture child-size including all book and toy shelving easily accessible.
  • To reduce nighttime stimulation, allow only quiet, age-appropriate toys in the bedroom. Examples include soft toys, blocks, puzzles, and books.
  • Decorate using natural materials that are free from chemicals.
  • Hang pictures & place mirrors low enough to meet your child’s eye
  • Provide both natural light and an easy way to darken the room as needed.

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What is a Montessori Bed?

A Montessori bed is a really simply a mattress on the floor. The idea is to allow the child to access his floor bed and to explore his environment under his own guidance.

When Should I Start My Montessori Bed?

Many Montesssori parents co-sleep or have a child sleep in a bassinet near their bed. Placing the child in a floor bed can happen at any point but typically parents begin the process around 2 months old. Make sure the child is safe and monitor the child often in those early months. Note that a Montessori toddler bed is no different from a floor bed for your baby. Simply a mattress on the floor.

Montessori Floor Bed

Making the Most of Montessori at Home: the Montessori Bedroom

A carefully planned bedroom can do wonders to improve sleep patterns, but it will work even better when backed by a few practical guidelines. Montessori parenting experts recommend the following tips.

  • Avoid stimulating activities, television shows and games close to bedtime.
  • If you have a newborn, expose him or her to natural light patterns to help encourage the production of melatonin, which regulates the human sleep cycle.
  • Try a gentle, calming massage or a warm bath before bed.

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A bedroom is a great place to integrate Montessori into your home. The decor is beautiful and can be created easily and inexpensively.

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