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Montessori Math Number Rod Addition


Are you looking for a new and fun way to teach addition? Montessori math might be just what you need! With number rods, students can learn how to add numbers visually. This method is hands-on and engaging, making learning more fun for kids. Check out these tips to use Montessori math in your classroom today.

Montessori Math Number Rod Addition

This post includes a lesson on Montessori Math Number Rod AdditionMontessori Small Number Rods are a favorite of preschoolers because the material is familiar, and they get to do something different.

This lesson comes at the end of a child’s Early Childhood Montessori life. The Montessori Math Lesson with the Number Rods is within the area of “Math Facts” or “Memorization.”

Number Rod Addition

Invite the child to do something new with the number rods.

Montessori Math Number Rod Addition

Small Number Rods

Ask him to spread a mat and build the stair with the number rods.


Separate the ten rod from the others: “Do you remember what this is? Yes, it is ten. Let’s see if there are other ways to make ten.”

Addition with Number Rods

Take the nine rod and place it against the ten rod: “What do we need to make this rod ten?” Allow the child the time to discover the answer.

Number Rod Addition

Place the one rod in position and note that 9 + 1 = 10.

Number Rod Addition Sequence

Have the child write this answer in his equation booklet.

Number Rod Addition with 10

See if the child can find a way to make ten with the eight rod.

Number Rod Addition with 8 Rod
  • Continue in this manner until he has discovered all possible ways of making ten.
  • Next, ask the child to explore all the ways to make 9. Get him started, if necessary, by placing the eight rod against the 9 rod and asking what he needs to make it nine.
  • Over time give the child challenge cards that request he makes combinations of eight, seven, six, five, and so on.  Make sure he records his work in a “Ways of making…” booklet.

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