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Land & Water Forms Montessori Geography Lesson


You might remember a post I wrote a while back on Introducing Land Forms to Preschoolers with an easy & inexpensive activity. The other day I went further to explain Geography within Montessori and how to introduce this big topic to your children. When you are ready to move onto the next lesson, I highly recommend what we did today using landform cards.

land forms

Teach Geography with Land Form Cards

First, go to Montessori Outlet and purchase these Montessori Land Form cards. We started working with them a few weeks ago and I am really happy with them. Not only are the cards offered at a lower price, but they are also well made. I also love the large size of them. We also have the Land Form box for them. I highly recommend the box.

land form cards

I introduced the Land Form cards to my sons at a “Circle Time”. I laid them out onto the rug, placing the opposites near one another to give my sons the visual experience. I simply named each landform: “Island. Lake. Cape. Bay…” Then I pointed out: “Water. Land.” on each card.


Finally, I prepared real images of landforms and matched them to the appropriate landform card. We talked briefly about each landform Then I gave my son a turn with the material.


Later in the day, as an extension, I carried out a small box of Safari Toob mini replicas with animals that live in either the land or the water. My son had a good time matching the animals and explaining why each animal belonged to which landform or body of water.

He wasn’t always “correct” so that gave us a great opportunity for discussion. This part made the learning more hands-on, visual, and interactive. Plus it got their bodies moving.

We’re really enjoying our exploration of Geography. I’m excited to share more activities and lessons with you. If you want more geography, click through to these Montessori Geography posts. These two are my favorite preschool geography activities!

Resources to Help You With Montessori Geography

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.