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Melted Crayon Art Activity for Earth Day


We love Earth Day activities! Combine Earth Day with cool melted crayon art & science, count us in. The Montessori art sequence is not a sequence per se but an amazing series of process art projects that inspire Montessori kids and their teachers!

I included a video at the end of this post going over my Montessori art album with you. I hope you find it useful in your Montessori journey!

melted crayon art

Crayon Activity for Preschoolers

Earth Day Melted Crayon Art Materials

  • large/thick crayons with earth tones
  • white card stock
  • green card stock
  • grater
  • scissors
  • glue
  • parchment paper
  • iron or hairdryer

Melted Crayon Art Process Earth Day Activity

Earth Day Art Approach

  • Plug in the iron or blow dryer
  • Set out the white card stock
  • Place the grater on top
  • Grab that old box of Crayola crayons & Peel the labels from the crayons
  • Grate the Crayola crayons
  • Shake/bang out the crayon shavings stuck to the grater
  • You can melt the crayons in a few different ways. I like using a hot plate or iron but a blow dryer works really well. The hot air adds a layer of amazingness to the project.
  • I placed parchment paper over the shavings & ran the iron gently over one time
  • You can also hover the iron over the shavings to radiate heat that causes the crayons to drip down the canvas
  • You can also place the card stock on a ‘hot plate’ or stone. I heat an old piece of tile up and place the card stock into of the hot tile (which is in a pan).
  • Lots of options for a base including melting crayons onto a canvas
  • Drying time is quick as a wink
  • Cut a circular shape from the white card stock with your design
  • Glue onto a piece of green card stock
  • Display the beautiful piece of art work

Earth Day Art Activity

Earth Day Learning Ideas

  • Read one of these Earth Day books before beginning the project
  • Talk about how the colors make you feel as you watch them melt
  • Observe the mixing of colors
  • Discuss the reason why the crayons melt and the chemistry behind it
  • Print out this Earth Day Journal page to prompt thinking about our impact on the environment

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* Please use adult supervision when doing this activity! Thank you!

Curious about the Montessori Art Curriculum? Check out the video below!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.