Fruit Sensory Activity


Got fruit? Well, you’re on your way to a fantastic Fruit Sensory Activity. If you’re anything like me I struggle with trying to find interesting things for my six month old to do. Sure, I let him explore the world around him in a very unstructured way but I have a Type A personality craving a bit more than that for me and my kids.


Fruit Sensory Activity

We purchased these great books called I Eat Fruit! and I Eat Vegetables! for our two year old when he was younger. I love so much about these books – the life size and real photos, the colors and the simplicity. The best part is that your child will learn the names of fruits like kiwi and vegetables like broccoli before he is a year old. I was looking at these books the other day, peeling a banana, as my six month old was desperately trying to get the books and the banana out of my hand. A great sensory activity came to me. Simple but powerful. I like that combination.

All you need is a sampling of fruit and the I Eat Fruit! book. Let your baby’s tiny hands explore the fruit, turn the pages of the book and watch him be captivated by the photographs.

Many fruit have excellent textures and colors for your baby to explore but try kiwi for it’s furry skin, banana for the color and smooth, tough skin, tangerine for the size, color and bumpy skin, tomato for the color and smooth skin, pineapple for it’s prickly skin and watermelon for it’s size and smooth, hard skin to name a few.

Cut some safer fruit open (e.g. banana, kiwi, seedless watermelon as opposed to strawberries) and let your baby get his hands dirty in the juices and bodies of the fruit. Work with your baby, talk about the fruits, describe their textures, colors and smells. You’ll be amazed at what these little sponges (our kids!) soak in!

This exercise can work well with vegetables too!