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Fun with the Animal Kingdom Unit – Animal of the Month Activities


Hey there, animal enthusiasts and educators! Are you ready to embark on a wild journey into the fascinating world of animals? Welcome to our Animal Kingdom Unit – Animal of the Month Activities, Ideas, & Resources where we’ll unleash a menagerie of interactive and educational ideas to make learning about animals a roaring good time.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for innovative classroom activities or a parent seeking fun ways to educate your kids at home, our animal-themed activities will captivate young minds and keep them eagerly coming back for more. So, fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to dive deep into the world of creatures big and small!

Roar into Action with Our Animal of the Month Activities

The Animal Kingdom Unit – Animal of the Month Activities Overview

Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure where you and your young learners will explore the animal kingdom like never before? Our “Animal of the Month” activities will provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that covers a wide range of topics, from biology and geography to ecology and conservation.

Let’s break down what this exciting unit entails:

  1. Interactive Animal Encounters: Dive right into the world of a specific animal each month. From the African savannah to the depths of the ocean, we’ll explore habitats and learn about the unique characteristics of various species.
  2. Engaging Animal Worksheets and Games: Say goodbye to mundane worksheets! Our interactive materials will challenge students to think critically while having fun. Whether it’s crossword puzzles, word searches, or trivia games, learning has never been this exciting.
  3. Artistic Expression: Encourage creativity with hands-on art projects that allow children to express what they’ve learned through drawing, painting, and crafting. Unleash the budding Picasso in your little ones!
  4. Storytime Adventures: Dive into captivating animal stories and fables that will transport your students into the animal’s world. It’s not just reading; it’s an immersive experience!
  5. Virtual Zoo Tours: Take a virtual trip to some of the world’s most famous zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Witness animals up close and personal, even if you can’t be there in person!

How to Get Started with the Animal Kingdom Unit

Materials You’ll Need

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of our animal-themed activities, let’s make sure you’ve got the essential materials at your fingertips.

No need to rush to the store; these are everyday items you probably already have in your home or classroom:

  • Art supplies: Crayons, colored pencils, markers, glue, scissors, and construction paper.
  • Worksheets: Download and print our customized worksheets and games, or access them digitally.
  • Animal Books: Gather a selection of animal books, both fiction and non-fiction, for storytime adventures.
  • Computer or tablet: Ensure access to the internet for virtual zoo tours.
  • Optional: Mini animal figurines, maps, and learning globes for hands-on exploration.

Monthly Planning

This unit is designed to keep young learners engaged and excited throughout the year. Here’s a sneak peek at how to structure your monthly animal adventures:

  1. Choose Your Animal: At the beginning of each month, introduce the featured animal. Explore its habitat, diet, and unique characteristics.
  2. Interactive Learning: Dive into worksheets, games, and art projects that revolve around the monthly animal theme. Encourage group discussions and sharing of fun facts.
  3. Storytime: Set aside a designated time for reading animal-themed stories. Let students immerse themselves in tales of adventure and discovery.
  4. Virtual Zoo Tours: Take your students on a virtual tour of a zoo or sanctuary where they can see the featured animal in action. Discuss conservation efforts and the importance of protecting wildlife.
  5. Show and Tell: Allow students to bring in their own animal-related items or share their artwork and insights with the class. It’s a fantastic opportunity for peer learning and creativity!

Animal of the Month Ideas

Below are some animal of the month ideas for every month of the year:

January – Snowy Owl

These beautiful white owls are often associated with winter and are known for their striking appearance.

February – Red Fox

Red foxes are known for their cunning and adaptability, making them a suitable choice for February, a month of change and adaptation.

These activities and books can help individuals of all ages gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the red fox, a fascinating and adaptable member of the animal kingdom.

Learning Activities about the Red Fox:

March – Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterflies begin their long migration north in March, symbolizing the arrival of spring and rebirth. Learning about the butterfly life cycle and behavior is a wonderful way to introduce kids to important animals in our environment.

Butterfly learning resources:


April – Honeybee

April is a month of blooming flowers and pollination, making honeybees an excellent choice to highlight their vital role in ecosystems. Honeybees are one of the most vital pollinators and have faced numerous challenges in recent times.

Here are a few honeybees activities to get you started:

May – Bald Eagle

May is a time when many bird species are nesting, and the bald eagle, as a symbol of strength and freedom, is a suitable choice.

Bald Eagle Learning Resources:


June – Sea Turtle

June is the start of sea turtle nesting season in many parts of the world, and it’s a great time to raise awareness about their conservation.

Sea Turtle Learning Activities:

July – Humpback Whale

Summer is a popular time for beachgoers, and the great white shark, an iconic apex predator, can be the focus of July’s animal of the month.

Whale Learning Activities:


August – Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are known for their vibrant colors and agile flight, making them a delightful choice for the peak of summer.

Hummingbird Learning Activities:

September – Red Panda

Red pandas are adorable and charismatic creatures. September is a great time to celebrate their uniqueness.

Panda Learning Activities:

October – Bats & Owls

With Halloween in October, bats can take center stage as nocturnal animals that are often misunderstood but play important ecological roles.

Bat Learning Activities:

Owl Learning Activities:

November – Gray Wolf & Bear

Wolves are often associated with the wilderness and are a symbol of strength, making them a fitting choice for November.

Bears are gearing up for hibernation and are a fun learning topic for the month of November.

Wolf Learning Activities:

Bear Activities for Kids:

December – Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox’s white coat and adaptation to cold climates make it a suitable choice for the winter month of December.

Arctic Fox Learning Activities:

These are just some ideas to get you started, and you can choose animals that resonate with the themes and characteristics of each month in your specific context.

Benefits of an Animal Kingdom Unit

Are you wondering why you should incorporate “The Animal Kingdom Unit – Animal of the Month Activities” into your teaching or homeschooling routine? Well, let’s explore the numerous benefits that come with these engaging activities:

  1. Holistic Learning: Our activities cover various subjects, promoting well-rounded education. From science to art, geography to storytelling, students will develop a wide range of skills.
  2. Hands-on Experience: Learning about animals isn’t just theoretical; it’s hands-on! Kids will get to create artwork, solve puzzles, and even embark on virtual adventures, making education fun and memorable.
  3. Fostering Curiosity: By delving into the animal kingdom, we ignite children’s curiosity and encourage them to ask questions and seek answers. Who knows? You might just inspire the next generation of zoologists or conservationists!
  4. Creativity Unleashed: Art projects and storytelling allow kids to express themselves creatively. They’ll develop their imaginative skills and learn to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.
  5. Empathy and Conservation: Understanding animals and their habitats instills a sense of empathy and responsibility. Students will learn about the importance of conservation and protecting endangered species.

Our Animal Kingdom Unit offers an exhilarating journey into the heart of the animal kingdom. With interactive learning, creative projects, and virtual adventures, children will not only gain knowledge but also foster a deep appreciation for the world’s diverse creatures.

So, are you ready to roar into action and make learning about animals a thrilling adventure? Dive in and let the wild ride begin!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.